Harley  Durst

Stunt Performer
Movement Consultant

Harley is a versatile stunt performer with a background in Capoeira, Parkour and Acrobatics. Harley was graded as a stunt performer in 2004 and has been employed full time in the industry by constantly evolving his skill sets and continuous hard training. In 2007 he toured North America and Japan with the Creature Technology Company as the head creature performer for Walking with Dinosaurs. Harley has since gone on to specialise in creature movement and animatronics, vocalising for King Kong and learning Kali (Filipino Martial Art) to fight Aaron Eckhart as a demon bounty hunter in I, Frankenstein. 
One of Harley’s career highlights has been to stunt doubled for Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor III, he has also stunt doubled for Bill Nighy, Hugo Weaving and Charles Dance as an 8ft tall, reverse leg stilt, full prosthetic demon overlord. 
Recently Harley has been working with motion capture as a quadrupedal creature performer, having developed his own reverse leg rig, as well as consulting for Parkour movement and designing Parkour structures.
Having received a Helpmann award for his work on King Kong as well as a nomination for Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture, The Wolverine (2013), Harley is a great asset to any production or stunt team as he is constantly striving to produce the best possible performance and outcome.



Hair:                  Light brown
Eyes:         Blue
Height:        6’1”/185cm
Weight:     80kg
Shoe:         11    Head:         60cm
Chest:         102cm
Waist:          80cm
Hips:          91cm
Inner Leg:      87cm
Outer Leg:    108cm

UK: +44 7 482 907 402
AU: +61 410 148 643
E: harleydurst@gmail.com
UK Equity  # M00436235
AU MEAA  # 3004926
Australian Citizen
UK Resident (unrestricted)